Inspection of the plug pins

The Connectors Quality Control for electronic devices is an application developed in VisionOK II.

This application works controlling the measures of the relative positions of pins and tongue-pieces within the connectors.

Projects: USM-C, USM-D, USM2010 , PL2, PL3, PL6, PL7

The visual inspection of connectors for quality assessment has two major well known problems, namely: 1) On the one hand, it is needed to localize the connector’s pins, which have a very variable aspect due to being metallic, and which show  instable specular reflexion patterns, with resolutions close to 1/100 millimetres.  Since the field depth is minimal at these resolutions, it is possible that certain connectors are shown in focus while others appear defocused. We successfully implemented a modelling algorithm which takes into account the different appearances associated to defocus in order to represent the variability in pins for their accurate localization.