Inspection of automotive service boxes assembly

Projects: USM-C, USM-D, C1, USM2010, P32, T5, PQ25, PQ35, etc.

One of the processes involved in the production of service boxes is the insertion of each fuse on the right position. During this process it is likely to have some mistakes in the fuses positioning (wrong amperage or upside-down numbers). The bad orientation of fuses is not a mistake that invalidates a piece but more and more enterprises demand higher quality and a better appearance in their products to get a better acceptance in the final customer.

The Computer Vision Center has designed a system that inspects on the production line the right positioning of the fuses. If there is a mistake, it separates the piece and it notifies the operator to correct it by means of written information describing the corrections to do. In addition to inspecting the fuse position, the system is able to check the presence in the box of other elements. The system has a part devoted to do the learning process and another part to perform the inspection task. These two parts are joined in a same environment and the operator could change between them. Also, the system has ranges of tolerance in the position of fuses because there are a little variation between one box and another one.

Taking into account production flexibility the system has an image database used to identify the correct fuse for each position in the box and the one that is being manufactured is selected automatically.