CVC colon DB

A database for the assessment of polyp detection.

CVC-ColonDB is a database of annotated video sequences of colonoscopy video. It contains 15 short colonoscopy sequences, coming from 15 different studies. In each sequence one polyp is shown.

We provide an annotation of the region of interest (ROI)  for 300 frames selected from all the sequences. These frames were selected in order to maximise the visual difference between them. The ROIs  define the whole area covering the polyp and they are implemented as binary images, with white masks over a black background.

Database contents

The database consists of 1200 different images, divided in four groups:

  1. Original .bmp files
  2. Polyp masks (named as p(number_of_image).bmp
  3. Non-informative region masks (named as s(number_of_image).bmp
  4. Contour of the polyp masks (named as c(number_of_image).bmp
Some examples can be seen in the Figure below. Each column corresponds with the four types of images presented above.


Jorge Bernal, F. Javier Sanchez, & Fernando Vilariño. (2012). “Towards Automatic Polyp Detection with a Polyp Appearance Model “ . Pattern Recognition45(9), 3166–3182.


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