CrossVisions is a software package developed in our group by Prof. Fco. Javier Sánchez. It is used together with the hardware setups in our Industrial Vision projects.

The CrossVisions package has been conceived to both the development of industrial applications and research on Computer Vision. CrossVisions is the result of a continuous process of software development carried out in the Computer Vision Center (CVC).

It’s a package that is continually evolving and to which new software components are being added. It’s has been successfully used in more than ten thesis works and a large number of industrial applications. From these we should point up that it’s actually installed and running in more than twenty equipments for industrial inspection in the field of car industry.

Industrial application design

During the design of industrial equipment, several aspects have to been taken into account, as the mechanical and electronic design, and the design of the software that will control the equipment. In the case of vision test equipments one also has to consider the design of the light system and the image capture system.

As for the software control, the engineer has to design the algorithms that will extract the needed information from the images of the pieces to be inspected. CrossVisions is especially conceived to be applied in this last point.

In general, during the development of a computer vision algorithm, one disposes of a library of image processing operations (GIPL),  that can be combined up to get to extract the information of interest from the image. This development is performed in a cycle of trial and error: a new algorithm is implemented, it is tried with a set of sample images and the results are valued. If the results aren’t good enough, either the algorithm or its parameters are modified. This cycle is ended when the results are satisfactory.

The cross visions solution

CrossVision helps in this cycle of trial and error by means of a library of image processing operations that can be used from C, C++ and CoSeL. In particular, we find that CoSeL make easier the writing and modification of programs, so that the time spent in each test is shorter. This is because it is an interpreter.

Once one has the resulting vision algorithm, it can be integrated in VisionOk II, a generic application for industrial inspection. VisionOk II defines the user interface, establishes the communication with other components of the vision equipment and includes other tasks that are common in most of applications. In this way, VisionOk II transforms the problem of developing a whole vision application to the smaller problem of developing the suitable vision algorithms.

The programs and libraries of CrossVisions are:

  • VisionOk II: Software for quality control based of computer vision
  • GIPL: Image procesing library
  • CoSeL:  a programming language for prototyping.

Getting Crossvisions

CrossVision is open source,  excluding  VisionOK II module, which is licensed). A restricted package with  unsupported documentation can be accessed from the Crossvisions project site

Download Crossvisions (Windows XP or later)


For a further interest on CrossVissions or in VisionOK II licences, please contact us.