The Computer Vision Centre (CVC) group on Machine Vision (MV-CVC) is interested in the latest aspects of research in the area of Computer Vision and Machine Learning. The main lines of work are related to the implementation of real-time working applications for different domains, such as Medical Imaging, Visual Quality Assessment and Industrial Vision, among others, in which MV-CVC has a long experience.

The Group’s current projects are divided into two complementary areas, namely: basic and oriented research projects and technology transfer projects.

Basic and Oriented Research Technology transfer
  • Image processing and segmentation
  • Blob detection, feature detection and description
  • Appearance and Perceptual modelling
  • CV Apps for Mobile devices for real time applications
The main characteristics of the projects in which the MV-CVC group is involved imply constraints related to real-time functioning and robust performance. These solutions have been implemented for leading manufacturers of different areas.
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